Máy đo khí BW-Clip-4-gas-detector

What is Gas detector?

Portable gas detector can be detect Combustible/Flammable gas in Ex or LEL; O2; Toxic and VOCs in working area. In a safe application, gas detector should be satisfy: Explosion protection (Because it will used in Zone 0, 1 and 2 or 20, 21 and 22, it should be Ex protection), Detection range should be focus to safely application (It should not too high range. Example: For detect H2S, should be 500ppm, because useful range only around 0-300ppm, if use 5000ppm, the accuracy in %FS is not good), Alarm functionable for LOW, HIGH, STEL and TWA.

TES Industry supply Portable gas detector for Brand: Honeywell USA, BW Technologies Canada, RAE system USA, MSA USA

Máy đo đơn khí

Single gas detector

Single gas detector only can detect one kind of gas. It usually used for detect Combustible gas, O2, Toxic and VOCs ie. Ex/LEL, H2S, CO, O2, NH3, CL2, CLO2, HCN, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2, VOC, LEL…

Máy đo khí, dò khí, phát hiện khí GasAlert Max XT II có bơm hút

Multi-gas detector

Multi-gas detector can be detect multi-gas simultaneously. It can be split to 2 groups: Group#1: 4-gases for: LEL/O2/CO/H2S and Group#2: 5-6 gases for both 4-gases base and advantage IR or/and PID sensor

Bình khí hiệu chuẩn máy đo khí

Calibration gas

Calgaz Calibration gas 1AL; 2AL; 7HP; 6DM; 8AL; 6D; 10AL; 5ELR; 65ALR. Popular gas ie.: CO, HCL, Nitrogen, C5H12, CH4, Cl2, CO2, I-C4H8, H2, H2S, I-C4H10, NH3, O2, SO2, NOx… and more customizer gas.

Máy đo khí cao cấp MSA Altair 4XR, sản xuất tại Mỹ

Four gas detector

4-Gases detector can be detect in a same time for Combustible/Flammable in Ex/LEL, O2, CO and H2S. They are 4 gases usually need detector for Personal monitor and Confined space.

Explosion proof Gas detector, Intrinsic safety Ex ia IIC T4

All the Gas detectors which used in General industry, Marine – Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas… should be Explosion protection. Thinking by yourselves, if your working zone have both Combustible gas and O2, a “Non-Ex” Portable gas detector may is a ignition source for an explosion.

You need a Portable gas detector?

TES Industry is professional supplier for Portable gas detector since 2007 in Industrial application. Consist of: Single-gas detector, Four-gas detector LEL/Ex; O2; CO and H2S, Multi-gas detector and TVOC/VOCs gas detector.

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TES Industry only sell out the products which TES Industry have deeply understand. Thus, We can supply full-range after sell services ie.: solution consultant, user support, maintenance, calibration and repair service.


Gas detector knowledge

With more than 10 years hard study from Maker also R&D by ourselves. We have much experience for choice, using and service for Gas detector. We have public hundreds articles in our Website. And We will public more although many Website copy from us without authorization

Máy đo khí BW Honeywell

BW Honeywell gas detector

The advantage of BW Honeywell gas detector is: Simple, Easy to use, Basic function, Stability quality. Beside it, BW Honeywell come with low owner cost, easy for maintenance and calibration at any market.

Bình khí Calgaz USA

Calgaz calibration gas

Calgaz calibration gas cylinder (or Special gas cylinder) container the gas inside which high accuracy for concentration. It use for calibration Gas detector, Fixed gas system, Emission detector or Environment monitoring station.

Máy đo khí MSA USA

MSA Gas detector USA

MSA is the first Gas detector maker in USA and the world. At the begin, MSA special use in mining industrial (Mine Safety Appliances). At present, MSA gas detector used in almost industrial field: Oil & Gas; Marine and General industry

Máy đo khí Rae systems USA

RAE systems gas detector

RAE Systems gas detector is a big Brand in USA. The Brand advantage is cover almost of fields. The most advantage model is: Flexible configuration multi-gas detector MultiRAE series, Hight accuracy VOC detector: ppbRAE 3000…

Full-range “Introduction & How to use” Videos

We focus to usefully. From us, user can use gas detector with excellent way, full function, also correct maintenance. Thus, it is economic, safe and happy. There are many Videos below, but, We are not professional in video make and user may be not a technical person, so, call us if need any base and specially support.

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Calibration a Gas detector Playlist

TES Industry Services

Calibration Four standard gas detector: LEL/O2/CO/H2S
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Calibration VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) detector
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