Calgaz SFR 5000 Automatic Standard Gas Cylinder Valve

Model Calgaz SFR 5000
Model Calgaz SFR 5000


The SFR 5000 Series (exhaust valve for standard gas cylinders) has been patented and manufactured by our experts at the Calgaz plant in Cambridge, Maryland. The Standard Gas Cylinder Valve are designed with a timed circuit, solenose valves and a lightly integrated energy source.
It ensures an accurate volume of gas is distributed each time of use, providing a convenient alternative to automatic inspection stations and bump test.

Application of Standard Gas Cylinder Valve :

  • Use when the calibration is repeated with the machine due to the breath alcohol content.
  • Use when giving accurate bump test in the field of industrial hygiene
  • Or any application that needs a repetitive amount of precision gas


  • May require manufacturer to set valve opening flow 0.2 – 17 LPM
  • Valve opening time can be set from 30 seconds to 240 seconds
  • Auto-close gas for efficient and safe use of gases
  • Equipped with off/open buttons and controls
  • Press the button as the gas discharges
  • Rest mode to save battery
  • LED Display


Valve body:EN plated brass
Cover:EN plated brass
Shooting cap:Aluminum
Seal set:Teflon & Viton
weight:0.84lb / 0.38kg
Entrance:5/8-18 UNF
Exit port:1/8″ Barb, 3.2mm
Minimum out pressure:<70 psig/4.8bar
Use for the following:2AL, 2ALR, 6D, 10AL, 10ALR

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