Calgaz standard gas Model 1AL ; 2AL; 7HP; 6DM; 8AL; 6D; 10AL; 5ELR; 65ALR

Bình khí chuẩn Calgaz, dùng hiệu chuẩn máy đo khí
Bình khí chuẩn Calgaz, dùng hiệu chuẩn máy đo khí

Calgaz standard gas purpose: Any measuring device after a while needs to be recalsured for many reasons such as: Changes in components, changes in the use environment, contamination from the measuring environment … Particularly for Gas detectors, calibration is even more necessary because most sensors work according to the principle of electrolymization, the chemical composition will change after each measurement, or change itself due to natural chemical reactions. Depending on the manufacturers, the recommended time varies, as the BW Gas detector company requires a period of at least 180 days, the ISC gas detector equipment company recommends at least once every 3 months.In addition to MSA Gas detectors, RAE Gas detectors have their own requirements depending on different technologies

Some common Calgaz standard gas cylinder

Calgaz Standard Gas

Calgaz is a global manufacturer of calibration gases, producing a variety of calibration gases for the calibration of portable Gas detectors as well as fixed gas detector systems.

There are a few standard gas manufacturers on the market such as Calgaz, Gasco…, but most Gas detectors use Galgaz’s sample cylinders for various reasons. Therefore, all portable Gas detectors or fixed Gas detectors can be tested with Calgaz standard gas.

Table comparing types of gas cylinder

Model #LitersDimensionsI don’t see what’sPressure
1AL1111.2″ x 2.9″ / 285 mm x 74 mmLimited160 psig/11 bar*
2AL3411.375″ x 3″ / 289 mm x 76 mmReactive, Non-Reactive500 psig/35.5 bar
7HP3411″ x 3″ / 279 mm x 76 mmNon-Reactive494 psig/34 bar
6DM583.26″ x 8.09″ / 83 mm x 204 mmNon-Reactive1000 psig/ 69 bar
8AL5814.25″ x 3.5″ / 362 mm x 89 mmReactive, Non-Reactive500 psig/34.5 bar
6D10313,875″ x 3.25″ / 352 mm x 83 mmNon-Reactive1000 psig/69 bar
10AL11615″ x 3.5″ / 381 mm x 89 mmReactive, Non-Reactive1000 psig/69 bar
5ELR62528.9″ x 4.4″ / 734 mm x 111 mmNon-Reactive2016 psig/139 bar
65ALR85020.25″ x 6.9″ / 514 mm x 175 mmReactive, Non-Reactive2219 psig/153 bar

Standard gas specifications and shelf life

Gas corresponding to the average and shelf life
Gas corresponding to the average and shelf life

Photos of actual Calgaz gas cylinders:

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