Calibration portable gas detector for RAE systems, BW Honeywell, MSA

Hieu chuan may do khi
Hieu chuan may do khi

Portable Gas detector calibration, RAE systems, BW Honeywell, MSA

“ANH VU gas detection” is a representative of major Gas detectors such as RAE systems, BW Honeywell and MSA USA, We are providing calibration services as follows:

Calibration of RAE systems with popular Models

BW Honeywell Gas detector Calibration

Calibration of Gas detectors for seagoing vessels

In particular, the seagoing vessel needs 2 types of common Gas detectors:

  • Pumped 4-component Gas detector: To test LEL/O2/CO and H2S gases in enclosed spaces or limited spaces: 1 2-machine vessel
  • Non-pump type 4-component Gas detector: Lel/O2/CO and H2S Gas detector using personal protection: 1 crew member per crew member
  • In addition, some special cargo ships need to measure some other volatile organic gases.

Refer to the popular 4-gas detector models available on the market

On board, there must also be instruments for calibration and Bump testing as prescribed. However, the suspension needs to do maintenance services at least every 6 months.

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