NA1000J Smart gas Alarm Control Cabinet

Bộ hiển thị khí gas thông minh NA1000J
Bộ hiển thị khí gas thông minh NA1000J


  • NA1000J is a smart display controller, online monitoring of gas concentrations in industrial environments.
  • The device detects gas concentrations in the environment by connecting to the gas gauge at the scene.
  • When the measured concentration exceeds the pre-set limit, the alarm is activated.
  • The device also has the option to further measure temperature and humidity.
  • The equipment is applied to the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, and other toxic gas industry.


  • Connect, display, store for 8 channels simultaneously.
  • Design with wide range of feed and shockproof.
  • Sturdy structure, reduced maintenance work.
  • Suitable bus or standalone power supply
  • Measurement point name, gas type, resolution can be set.
  • Alarm highs and lows. Real-time monitoring can also transmit signals to other devices.
  • Friendly design software



  1. Display color: White
  2. Screen Size: 192*64
  3. Backlight: Blue
  4. Working voltage: 5V
  5. Panel Size: 130.0 × 65.0 × 12.9mm
  6. Ambient temperature : -20oC – 70oC

Analog Input Signal

  1. Input type: 1 – 8 channels (2 wires or 3 wires) Analog 4~20mA
  2. Input impedance: 80ohm
  3. Working voltage: 24V
  4. Power consumption: ≤0.48W
  5. Transmission: ≤1000m
  6. Connection type: Anti-interference 3-wire cable

Digital signal input:

  1. Number of signal lines: 1-32 lines
  2. Working voltage: 24V
  3. Transmission Protocol: RS485
  4. Transmission distance: ≤1000m

Common connection methods:

  1. Waterproof wire 0.75mm2

Remote transmission protocol:

  1. Protocol: RS485
  2. Distance: ≤1000m
  3. Wire type: 2 wires

Relays out:

  1. Contact type: Usually open
  2. Number of way out: 1-4 Relay Road
  3. Contact voltage: 1A 30V DC
  4. Contact voltage: 1A 250V AC

Other parameters:

  1. Time lapse: ±3min/year
  2. Alarm storage capacity: 2000 messages
  3. Working voltage : 210VAC – 230VAC, 50/60 HZ
  4. Working temperature: – 20oC – 60oC
  5. Working humidity : 0 – 85%
  6. Cabinet Hanging Size: Wall mounted 236mm×209mm×117mm

Actual NA1000J control cabinet image:

NA1000J Smart Gas Display
NA1000J Smart Gas Display

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