BW Clip4, LEL/O2/CO/H2S Four Gas detector

Máy đo khí BW-Clip4
Máy đo khí BW-Clip4

The BW Clip4 Gas detector is a revolutionary multi-indicators portable gas detector (multi-gas detector), with a compact, er erth handy, simple and carryable design.

Now, the BW Clip4 Gas detector has evolved for a new direction in providing a toxic Gas detector with a maintenance-free design, repair, sensor replacement, rechargeable battery. The first line of toxic Gas detectors for this trend is the BW Clip4 portable 4-Gas detector.

No charging, no maintenance, no complexity, easy use. Just clamp it on the helmet or protective equipment and work with peace of mind. It is designed so that from the first activation the machine will always be in a state of continuous operation, lasting for a period of 2 years.

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BW Clip4 Gas detector Features

  • Surrounded by a yellow protective color cover.
  • Durable, compact, optimal.
  • Use friendly, protect operation with only 1 operation button.
  • Icons on the LCD screen visually.
  • Real-time gas concentrations are displayed on LCD.
  • Fully functional daily self-test sensors, battery status, circuits, and audio warning images.
  • Red Led flashing lights.

BW Clip4 Gas detector Specifications

Size4.7 x 2.7 x 1.3 in. / 12.0 x 6.8 x 3.2 cm
Weight8.2 oz. / 233 g
Operating temperature-4 to +131°F / -20 to +50°C
Humidity5 – 95% RH (non-condensing) continuous
Ingress protectionIP68
Alarm and typeVisual, vibrating, audible (95 dB); Low, High, TWA, STEL, OL (over limit)
Self-TestActivated detectors automatically perform one internal diagnostic test every 24 hours (sensors, batteries, and circuitry).
Typical of Battery typeTwo years, continous operation
Event logging70 most recent events
User optionAdjust STEL period (5-15 minutes in 1 minute intervals)
Calibration span levels Calibration interval Bump test interval Select

combustible gases measurement: 0-100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) or Methane gas 0-5.0% v/v
Calibration due date (1 to 365 days, or set to zero for off)
Individual sensor enable/disable
alarms Stealth mode
Standard rangeResolution
0 – 100 ppm1 / 0.1 ppm
0 – 1,000 ppm1 ppm
0 – 25% vol.0.1% vol.
0 – 100% LEL1% LEL

* Caution – the LED IR combustible gas sensor used in BW Clip4 cannot detect certain combustible gases including hydrogen and acetylene. The application should be reviewed to ensure the BW Clip4 can provide adequate detection. For more information, please contact Honeywell Analytics (

See more information on the manufacturer’s website here

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