BX616 Gas detector, Hanwei China

Máy đo khí BX616, Hanwei Trung Quốc
Máy đo khí BX616, Hanwei Trung Quốc

BX616 Gas detector Features

  • Sampling by natural diffusion, dentistry and high stability.
  • MCU built-in 32-bit processor, reliability and high self-adaptability
  • Many functions, easy to use
  • CSTN LCD color display, clear display
  • Compact design, easy to store, move
  • Beautiful durable engineering plastic, anti-slip, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-free

Similar model of US, EU – price is only slightly higher

Hanwei BX616 Gas Detector Specifications

  • Sampling Type: Natural Diffusion
  • Sensor type: Catalyst and electrolysm
  • Detection of gases: Explosive gas, H2S, CO, O2
  • Accuracy: <= +/-5% F.S.
  • Detection time: <=30s
  • Display: LCD screen and status light; LED, sound, vibration for gas alarm, error reporting, battery low alarm
  • Power Supply: DC3.6V Li-on battery, 1800mAh
  • Charging time:<= 6h
  • Working time: >= 8 hours continuously (without alarming)
  • Sensor life: 2 years
  • Explosion-level: Exibd IICT3
  • Protection Level: IP65

Hanwei BX616 App

  • Oil and gas, cast iron
  • Coal, minerals
  • Contact information, chemicals
  • Underground pipes, transmission pipes, and potentially explosive areas

Image of Hanwei BX616

BX616 Introduction Videos

Open the Gas detector box 4 indicators LEL, CO, O2, H2S Hanwei BX616
Introduction of multi-gas measuring equipment 4 gases LEL, CO, O2, H2S Hanwei BX616

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