Crowcon Tank-Pro Gas detector, for tunnels, tanks, cargo hold

Máy đo khí Crowcon Tank-Pro
Máy đo khí Crowcon Tank-Pro

Optional Crowcon Tank-Pro Gas Meter Measuring 1 to 4 Gases: Explosive gas, Oxygen, CO and H2S


Tank-Pro combines new safety features and a sturdy, intuitive design to provide advanced protection for all jobs in hazardous environments. Crowcon Tank-Pro Gas detectors are especially easy to use, repair and maintain, protecting against four common toxic gases, CO, H2S, flammable gases and O2 gas depletion.

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Differences between tank-pro and other standard gas detectors

The Tank-Pro Crowcon gas detector is a gas detector especially suitable for inert environments, where other standard gas detectors will not work thanks to its dual infrared sensor technology. A common method of hydrocarbon detection is the catalyst particle sensor. However, these sensors require the presence of Oxygen to work, and if the hydrocarbon concentration is too high it can lead to sensor damage, otherwise known as sensor poisoning.
The Tank-Pro multi-gas detector meets these special requirements with dual infrared sensor technology and is capable of testing environments that are either hydrocarbon or completely clean.

Hazard detection with dual infrared sensor

The Tank-Pro Crowcon Gas detector uses the best sensor technology for reliable monitoring of restricted space areas with dual infrared sensors. IR sensors are not inhibited by high hydrocarbon concentrations and will not require Oxygen during work. Unlike other single infrared sensors, the tank-Pro toxic gas detector‘s dual infrared sensor type allows it to withstand high concentrations of gases.

An integrated suction pump quickly draws samples from the area to be measured with a pipe length of up to 30m, so the tanks or tanks can be checked quickly – ideal when the environment where the sample lever is required is wall-shaped, high walls.


Tank-Pro multi-indicator gas detector is Crowcon’s personal protection solution for the detection of 4 basic gases including: CO, H2S, LEL, O2

  • Light weight
    • The Tank-Pro portable gas detector weighs only 340g, so it is one of the lightest tank or tank gas test devices on the market. It is light enough to be worn on a belt or jacket, and can also be worn over the shoulders.
  • Waterproof features
    • Well protected against water with IP65 and 67 standards, allowing tank-pro gas detection equipment to operate in most environments that require continuous work. With a series of powerful features that make it easier and safer to use.
  • Extended life
    • With up to 13 hours of battery capacity, the Crowcon Tank-Pro Air Meter allows working longer shifts or crews between each charge.
  • Safe with just one glance
    • The clear bright screen placed on top creates an easy observation of toxic gas indicators with only a glimpse.
  • Easy operation
    • Only a large control button and an intuitive menu system do not take much training time and allow easy operation even when wearing gloves.
  • Various types of alarms
    • With red and blue led lights, alerts with a sound level of 95 dB, and vibration alerts provide clear alarms effectively.



GasMeasuring rangeThe resolution
oxygen0 – 25% vol0.1% vol
Explosive gases0 – 100% LEL1% LEL
H2S Toxic Gases0 – 100ppm0 – 1000ppm1ppm
Toxic Gases CO0 – 500ppm0 – 2000ppm   0-2000ppm (H2) 1ppm
Gas explodes at volume0 – 100% vol1% vol
Crowcon Tank-Pro Gas Meter

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