Drager X-am 2500, Ex/O2/CO/H2S 4 Gas detector

Máy đo 4 khí Drager-X-am-2500
Máy đo 4 khí Drager-X-am-2500

The list of gases measured by the Drager X-am 2500 4-Gas detector, optionally 4 gases in the following gases:

  • Combustible
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide-LC (H2S)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

The Drager X-am 2500 Gas detector is specially designed for use as a personal protective device. The 1 to 4 gas detection device is capable of effectively detecting flammable gases and vapors, as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S gases. Efficient and comprehensive measuring technology, durable and easy-to-use sensors ensure a high level of safety with extremely low operating costs.

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Sustainable Electrolysing Sensor

  • High-quality complete Drager sensors in microscopic formats that can handle CO, H2S, O2, SO2 and NO2 gases can be used in industry, mining and oil refining. The impressive hydrogen sulfide sensor is high resolution so it can accurately measure even very low levels at work. Lead-free and wear-free oxygen sensors have a long operating life of more than 5 years. CO and H2S sensors also have a long service life, which also contributes to the saving of operating costs.

Maximum safety

  • The X-am 2500 Drager gas detector has been ex-approved for zone 0, so it is clearly designed to ensure very high safety for users in areas at risk of explosion. The functional design ensures gas is accessible from the top and from the side – even if the device is inside the bag or if the front air port is randomly blocked.

Diffusion or pumping

  • To measure gaps for tanks and wells or when looking for leakage, the option of external pumps with pipes up to 30m long is the optimal solution. When installing the measuring device, the pump function will be started automatically. Switching from diffusion operation to pump can be done quickly and easily without tools or fasteners.

Reliable Power Supply

  • The Drager X-am 2500 can be powered by an alkaline battery or a NiMH rechargeable battery. This allows the power supply to operate for more than 12 hours, and if it comes with a high-quality battery bar, it can be more than 13 hours. Depending on the requirements, the battery can be charged either at the workshop or in the car. Ex sensor-free uptime is more than 250 hours.

Anti-toxic Ex Sensor

  • The improved Ex sensor is impressive thanks to its high resistance to silicon and hydrogen sulfide. Along with high stability, this resistance gives the device a long service life of more than 4 years. High sensitivity to vaporization and combustion gas is confirmed through iec/EN 60079-29-1 approval when measuring gases from methane to nonan. This approval also demonstrates the suitableity of equipment for use in the refinery and chemical industries.

Maintenance: fast, easy, economical

  • From functional checks to adequate recording, users have access to practical solutions that can be secured at all times. Drager Bump Test Station, no local power required, Drager X-dock automatic calibration and testing station for comprehensive equipment management are ideal additions to the system that save time and effort. Along with the Drager X-dock, drager sensors allow for fast bump tests of only 8 to 15 seconds with only a very small amount of gas. Thereby significantly reducing the cost of operating your equipment.

Convenient and powerful

  • Thanks to its gentle and erth handy design, the Drager X-am 2500 offers high comfort when used. The push-button panel and easy menu navigation make it easy to use the device intuitively even though the functionality is very comprehensive. Built-in protective rubber sensors and covers are shock-resistant to ensure greater safety in the event of a collision or concussion. In addition, the Drager X-am 2500 is insensitive to electromagnetic emission, for example from wireless devices. The Drager X-am 2500 is waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67 protection standards, so comprehensive functionality is guaranteed even when falling into water.


Dimensions48mm x 130mm x 44mm Width x Height x Depth
Ambient ConditionsTemperature: -20 to +50ºC; Pressure: 700 to 1300 mbar; Relative Humidity: 10 to 95% r.h
Protection ClassIP67
AlarmsVisual: 360º Audible: Multi-tone > 90dB at 30cm Vibration
Operating Times> 12 hours with alkaline and NiMH > 13 hours with NiMH HC > 250 hours without Ex sensor with alkaline batteries
Charging Time< 4 hours
DataloggerRetrievable using an infrared interface > 1000 hours with 4 gases at an recording interval of 1 value per minute
CertificationATEX/EN/CSA/IECEx/CE Mark/MED


Combustible0-100% LEL1% LEL
Carbon Monoxide (CO)0-2,000 ppm2 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide-LC (H2S)0-100 ppm0.1 ppm
Oxygen (O2)0-25 Vol %0.1% Vol
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)0-50 ppm0.1 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)0-100 ppm0.1 ppm

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