Honeywell BW Flex Gas detector, a very practical version


Honeywell BW Flex Portable Gas detector

Whether used to protect workers or those directly used in industries from cast iron and steel, wastewater treatment to pulp and paper production. Honeywell BW™ Flex offers the flexibility users need, choosing from 15 sensors for simultaneous detection of up to 4 hazardous gases

Features and benefits of BW™ Flex

Read real-time detected gas concentrations

Honeywell BW ™ Flex has a large high-resolution display with readable results in multiple languages.Important safety information is communicated clearly and efficiently, allowing faster decision-making to protect lives in hazardous environments.The innovative, compact and easy-to-use design builds on the success and development of Honeywell BW’s gas detector products ™.

Honeywell BW Gas detector features™ Flex
Honeywell BW Gas detector features™ Flex

Smart sensors to increase safety and optimize the uptime of systems and machines

Honeywell BW ™ Flex combines I-Series intelligent sensors that track and provide advanced predictive, maintenance, and calibration information in real time.These enhanced alerts reduce the likelihood of failures and increase awareness so that preventive actions can be taken to avoid unwanted safety and downtime incidents of equipment and machinery systems.

Simple gas reporting and analysis

Honeywell BW ™ Flex can be combined with a smartphone easily via Bluetooth. Download the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator app for quick and accurate device management, maintenance, reporting, and analysis.Increase productivity by simplifying operations such as recording problems and saving time by clicking the mouse for all device data.

Honeywell BW™ Flex Gas detector Basic Specifications

  • RELIABLE – Battery uptime two months after a charge of about 4.5 hours with a low-power IR LEL sensor.No daily charging, no unexpected downtime.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Honeywell BW ™ Flex series is compatible with IntelliDoX device management system and Honeywell Safety Suite uses Bluetooth® for wireless configuration.
  • ACCURACY – Low power infrared LEL sensor is immune to silicone poisoning, which means accurate monitoring of explosives.
  • EASY TO MANAGE – IntelliFlash ™ said when a Gas detector is required and an amber light says maintenance is required.
  • SENSOR FEEDBACK: – 1series sensors respond to dangerous gas levels in seconds, even in extreme temperatures.
  • EASY TO USE – Small, lightweight and wearable.Manipulate with a push of a button

Body details:

Honeywell BW™ Flex Gas detector Specifications
Honeywell BW™ Flex Gas detector Specifications

Sensor specifications:

Honeywell BW™ Flex sensor specifications
Honeywell BW™ Flex sensor specifications

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