Honeywell BW RigRat Wide Area Gas Monitor

Máy đo khí khu vực Honeywell BW RigRat
Máy đo khí khu vực Honeywell BW RigRat
Honeywell BW RigRat Area Gas Meter

Honeywell BW RigRat gas detector is BW Honeywell’s regional multi-gas detector device, designed with a completely new model for measuring, detecting, monitoring and managing wide areas (potentially hazardous gases). It brings a new level of user friendliness in monitoring when the area is with reliability and safety for workers.

Honeywell BW RigRat is easy to use, workers can confidently operate it, relying on it to warn them of near gas threats – indoors and outdoors, at temperatures from -40°C to 60°C. On the other hand, this is a new design with outstanding advantages that BW Honeywell offers.

Honeywell BW RigRat, every 8 weeks choke
Honeywell BW RigRat, every 8 weeks choke

Honeywell BW RigRat, every 8 weeks choke

  • Up to 8 weeks of operation with one charge, longer than any device of any type
  • Multi-gas detector, there are 6 options for gas measurement sensors that can be replaced by each other (choice of electrolynizing sensor, PID, infrared and catalyst particle sensor (measure LEL percentage and percentage by volume)
  • Built-in noise sensor and measurement data sensor
  • High configuration, programmable input/output data
  • Explosion room certified (CERTIFIED by ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 and CSA C1D1).
  • Flexible application: secret area, surrounding area, confined space, regular monitoring, protective fence cave ….. Suction pumps available for remote sampling
  • Operate with one push button: simple grip and movement
  • Set up simple settings with a Smartphone
  • More protection: gas leak warning
  • Multi-device wireless connection: monitoring, area management with wireless connection.

The features and benefits of Honeywell BW RigRat

  • Wireless safety measurement and monitoring
  • Use with Honeywell Touchpoint ™ Plus controller to display on Honeywell BW RigRat and Personal Handheld Gas Meter for Workers
  • Remote monitoring: Use honeywell remote monitoring software, to view gas readings, locations, and other data from any device with connected internet.
  • Other features
  • Large, easy-to-read screen
  • Inert mode prevents alarm in normal ambient air
  • The I/O port provides the ability to add input and local operations enabled.

Honeywell BW RigRat Machine Specifications

Model NumberBWRR100P/BWRR100D
Size15.8 x 11.4 x 18.5 in. / 40.0 x 29.0 x 47.0 cm
The weight17.6 lb / 8 kg
Gas sampling methodSuction or diffuser pumps
Number of Sensor PortsOver 6 gases
batteryRechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V / 26.4 Ah)
Charging timeLower than 18 hours when the device is turned off
Uptime8 weeks for low power model and
key1 Keys to operate and program
The display screen3.5″ 240 x 320 TFT Color LCD
alertRed/yellow/green LED alarm; buzzer alarm 108 dBA @ 1 m; on-screen indication of alarm conditions
Data storageAll air sensor information and machine information for at least 4 months in a one-minute period
Wireless connectionISM band: Bluetooth low power module (BT 4.2/5.0), 2.4 GHz, by default; Grid Module: IEEE 802.15.4 868 MHz/915 MHz/2.4 GHz (optional); or Wi-Fi Module: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz (optional)
Rarer RADIO MODULE & RANGEBluetooth Low Energy: RMBLEC, up to 16.4 ft. / 5 m; Mesh: RM900A or RM2400, up to 984 ft. / 300 m; Wi-Fi: RMWIFIC, up to 164 ft. / 50 m;
External locationGPS receiver module: GPS frequency L1 (1575.42 MHz) (optional)
Protection levelIP65 for pump models; IP67 for diffusion models
temperature-4 – +140°F / -20 – +60°C for pump model -40 – +140°F / -40 – +60° C for diffusion model
humidity5 – 95% RH (non-condensing)
Safety CertificationcCSAus Class I Division 1; Group A, B, C, D; T4; IEC EX/ATEX I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 1G Ex ia da IIC T4 Ga For LELIR/CO2 sensor installed: I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 2G Ex ia da db IIC T4 Gb 1G Ex ia da IIC T4 Ga
Wireless CertificationFCC Part 15, IC, RE-D
ROHS (PENDING)ROHS, Directive (EU) 2015/86 compliance
Noise SensorRange 70-110 dBA; (responsive: 100 Hz to 8 kHz), 1 dB resolution; A has a weight equivalent to 15 seconds; update every 5 seconds

Sensor Specifications for BW RigRat

Sensor Specifications for BW RigRat
Sensor Specifications for BW RigRat

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