MSA Altair 4X, LEL/O2/CO/H2S/NO2 Portable gas detector

Máy đo khí MSA Altair 4X
Máy đo khí MSA Altair 4X

Optional MSA Altair 4X Gas detector for simultaneous measurement of 4 gases in: LEL/O2/CO/H2S/NO2.

The MSA Altair 4X is line of four Gas detector meets all important industry standards, the machine uses a 60% longer life sensor than the average. The machine is a versatile and perfect choice for many applications, many different industries: The machine is integrated with MotionAlert™ alarm feature to help outsiders know the user is in a state of unsymactivity, and InstantAlert™, the alarm said there is a dangerous situation. The machine structure is durable, can be safe to fall at 20 feet, and uses only 1/2 less standard gas than average.

MSA Altair 4X has officially ceased production since December 2018, please select similar models below

MSA Altair 4X Gas detector Features

  • Optional measurement of LEL, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide
  • Commercial design, saving users more than 50% of standard gas, replacement sensors and maintenance costs
  • Sensor life of up to 4 years, which means more than the 60% average
  • Use less than 50% of standard gas in 1 minute
  • Two CO/H2S toxic gas sensors are completely unaffected by each other despite mounting on 1 point
  • Large push buttons and enhanced bright screens make it easy to use and read parameters
  • Ribbed rubber casing for safe and durable
  • Loud 95+ db sound alarm and enhanced bright display.
  • Exclusive feature that alerts users when changing sensors
  • MotionAlert function helps people around them know that the user is in a state of no movement
  • The InstantAlert function provides alarms that are having a dangerous incident.

MSA Altair 4X App

  • Check enclosed spaces
  • Detect explosive gas concentrations
  • Detection of toxic gases
  • Check oxygen levels

MSA Altair 4X Specifications

MSA Altair 4X Gas Meter Specifications
MSA Altair 4X Gas Meter Specifications

See more information on the manufacturer’s website here

MSA Altair 4X Photos and Videos

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