MSA Altair 5X Gas detector, 6 simultaneous gas measurements

Máy đo khí MSA ALTAIR 5X
Máy đo khí MSA ALTAIR 5X

MSA ALTAIR 5X Gas detector has a bright, easy-to-read, high-resolution screen. Capable of detecting 6 gases simultaneously, intuitive live menus, large push buttons and easy to use even when wearing gloves. PulseCheck integrated pump® Pump is patented separately, using power source directly from the battery without using separate power. The gas detector is integrated with MotionAlert™ an alarm that helps outsiders know the user is in a state of real estate, and InstantAlert™, the alarm says there is a dangerous situation.

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MSA ALTAIR 5X Features

  • Multifunction machine, detect ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, phosphine and sulfur dioxide
  • The display displays the most convenient, bright, easy-to-read features in the industry
  • Compact explosive gas sensor, stable operation and measuring range up to 100%LEL
  • MotionAlert feature option helps to alert the user’s real estate
  • InstantAlert feature alerts the situation of danger that is happening
  • MSA Galaxy® Automated Test System makes it easy to test and calibration the machine
  • MSA Link™ allows users to download data to a computer
  • Can choose from 18 different languages
  • Rubber case, waterproof and dustproof
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for longer life

MSA ALTAIR 5X Gas detector Application

  • Check the enclosed area before entering the work
  • Measurement of concentrations of insured gases
  • Detection of toxic gases
  • Measure oxygen concentration

Altair 5X Approval Area

  • USA Approvals
  • Canadian Approvals
  • European Union
  • International

MSA Altair 5X Specifications

MSA Altair 5X Specifications
MSA Altair 5X Specifications

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Msa ALTAIR 5X Gas Meter Introduction Video

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