MSA Tripod kits, Confined Space Entry Kits

Giá 3 chân MSA Workman-tripod
Giá 3 chân MSA Workman-tripod

MSA Tripod kits for entry and rescue is used to enter restricted spaces or confined spaces easily. Workman Tripod features include foot locking equipment, maximum degree indicators, hook fall-resistant leashes, submersible product labels, light weight, and bag options.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Adjustable copper foot lock hinge
  • Anti-slip legs

Field of use: Chemicals, Construction, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, General Industries, Mining

Application: Enter restricted spaces, Paint, Welding

MSA tripod kits 3-legged Options:

  • Working height: 91 in (2.3m)
  • Weight: 45 lbs (20kg)
  • Anti-slip legs
  • Workman Tripod Fall-Rescue Work Systems cons conformity with ANSI Z359.1 and applications in accordance with OSHA regulations
  • The head of the 3-legged Workman Tripod price is alloy aluminum, the legs of the Workman Tripod are high-strength, alloy aluminum structure.
  • The load for lifting people is 400 lbs (182 kg) including user weight, with clothing, tools and other equipment
  • Load for equipment, tools, materials 620 lbs (280 kg).
  • The limit distance is not more than 6 ft (1.8 m) as prescribed by OSHA ANSI A10.32 and ANSI Z359.1. In addition, according to the Canadian Occupational Health / Safety Act of 1990, the free fall distance is not more than 5 ft (1.5 m). Users must comply with applicable standards and regulations.
  • When used as part of a free fall protection system, the holding force does not exceed 1,800 lbf (8 kN).
  • The minimum static durability is lacking when the legs are completely pulled out, the legs are facing downwards, the background is hard, smooth, flat is 5000 lbs (22.0kN).

Order Code: 10022052 LEG CHAIN 8′ LYNX TRIPOD

Approval standards:

ANSI Z359.1 CSA Applicable OSHA requirements

USA Approvals

  • ANSI – IAC-23-041-CAL_r0
  • ANSI – IAC-23-042-CAL_r0

European Approvals

  • EN – 11_1_0190-2011_09_13

International Approvals

  • GOST – KZ_7500802_01_01_00332
  • DSTU – UA_1_003_0119593-11

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