Rescue Tripod complete with Winch for enter Confined Space

Giá 3 chân cứu hộ Trung-Quoc
Giá 3 chân cứu hộ Trung-Quoc

Rescue Tripod Kit

Rescue Tripod is used when working over high, slopes or limited spaces. For example: Tanks, closed warehouses, manipulation tanks, fuel tanks, ship cabins, tunnels, pipes, fuel cylinders – raw materials, sewage tanks, sewers, phosphors tanks, wells and other similar areas.Widely used in the field of firefighting, administration and first aid.


  • Chinese 3-legged rescue unit including main parts: 3-legged safety price, hand-turned reel winn and seat belt
  • Made of ultra-durable aluminum alloy, the leg adjusts the length, the safety system is more than 10.
  • The automatic lock cover of the tri-legged rack is safe to protect the work in suspended mode.
  • Sling cable is made of stainless steel, high strength and anti-rust.
  • This harmonious combination is suitable for repair at wells and pits. Even within certain limits, even the plane is not equal.


  • Max load: ≤180kg
  • Length when folded: 1.8m
  • Length when stretched out: 2.4m
  • Hand pulling force ≤500N
  • Cable Length: 30m

Actual image of HA01101 Rescue Tripod set:

Install a confined space tripod

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