Altair Pro Single Gas detector

Máy đo khí Altair Pro
Máy đo khí Altair Pro

Altair Pro is a single-Gas detector model of MSA. With a compact, sturdy design, the Altair Pro single-air indicator meter is equipped with a wide range of extensive features, including intuitive simple operation with reliable technologies.

The device can be used as an Oxygen concentration meter or toxic gas detector with an innovative design based on the Altair single-gas detector design, but is added to many new features and functions

Altair Pro Features

  • The machine is equipped with a hard rubber case.
  • Design an active control function button.
  • Displays the gas concentration or oxygen percentage on the screen.
  • Information displayed on a large, clear, backlight LCD screen.
  • High-end water and dust protection.
  • Features of data storage, events.
  • Excellent impact resistance feature.
  • Available models of CO single gauges, H2S gas detectors, O2 concentration meters, NH3 gas detectors, Cl2 toxic Gas detectors, ClO2 toxic gas concentration detectors, NO2 toxic gas detectors, SO2 toxic gas detectors, HCN concentration meters, PH3 toxic Gas detectors.
  • The machine is designed with great performance.
  • Alarm points can be adjusted for Low, High, TWA, STEL.
  • The alarms are recognized by flashing LED lights, sounds and vibrations.
  • The sensor and battery can be replaced.

Altair Pro Specifications

Weight 4.0 oz including clip
Dimensions 3.4″ x 2.0″ x 1.0″
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +50ºC (-4 to +122ºF)
Humidity 10-95% RH non-condensing
Gas Range Resolution
Oxygen 0-25% by vol 0.1 Vol.%
Carbon monoxide 0-1500 PPM 1 PPM
Hydrogen sulfide 0-200 PPM 1 PPM
Hydrogen cyanide 0-30 PPM 0.5 PPM
Chlorine 0-20 PPM 0.1 PPM
Chlorine dioxide 0-1.00 PPM 0.02 PPM
Sulfur dioxide 0-20 PPM 0.1 PPM
Nitrogen dioxide 0-20 PPM 0.1 PPM
Ammonia 0-100 PPM 1 PPM
Phosphine 0-5.00 PPM 0.05 PPM
Remote oxygen (O2-R) 0-25% by vol 0.1Vol.%
AlarmsAverage > 95 dB @ 1 ft, bright LEDs, vibrating alarm standard
I don’t seeSee instruction manual for full warranty information
Instrument lifeIndefinite with sensor and battery replacement as needed
BatteryCR2 lithium camera battery (9000 hours installed life – typical)
CasePolycarbonate with rubberized shell
DisplayLarge LCD with backlight
Ingress ProtectionIP67 (except O2-R is IP54)
Data Logging50 latest events in session log
Peak value every 3 minutes in periodic log
CertificationsUS and Canada: Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Div. 1, Group G / Europe: Ex ia IIC T4 / USA: AEx ia IIC T4 / European Union: ATEX II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 / Australia: Ex ia IIC T4 (Ta = 50°C)

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