BW Clip Single Gas detector, Optional CO/H2S/O2/SO2

Máy đo đơn khí BW Clip
Máy đo đơn khí BW Clip

BW Clip Gas detector only measures 1 gas, optionally measuring 1 of 4 GASES CO/H2S/O2/SO2

Friendly, reliable and cost-effective use ensures safety, compliance and productivity.

BW Clip gas detector is a single Gas detector, a portable Gas detector, a companion every day in toxic environments. It operates up to 3 years without maintenance. Turn it on only and it runs continuously, without calibration, replacing the sensor, battery or charging the battery. That means great reliability and no loss of uptime.

Plus, with the BW Clip Single Gas detector having a continuous runtime of 2 years for CO or H2S, you can place the device in a Hibernation case when you are not using it for a week or more, and its service life will be increased. Compatible with both MicroDock II and IntelliDoX device management system, the BW Clip toxic Gas detector is designed for the highest quality and most reliable standards. Keep safe and compliant.

Use our unique advanced technology for safety, compliance and productivity.SurecellTM: Unique dual sensor that significantly improves the machine’s productivity, response time, machine life compared to traditional electrolysed sensors and always provides the most reliable performance in harsh environments. Reflex TechnologyTM: Advanced self-test automatic function oriented to test sensor operation components to increase the safety, time and trust of employees.

EntelliDoX: Device Management System

  • Bump test fast in industrial applications
  • Configure alerts
  • Performance test for 5 machines at the same time
  • Easy and keep records accurate

BW Clip Features

  • BW Clip single-Gas detector without maintenance: it is not necessary to replace the sensor or battery.
  • Compact, lightweight design with an operating button.
  • Designed for use in a wide range of hazardous environments and extreme temperatures.
  • Hibernation mode with case accessory or IntelliDox.
  • Automatic self-test batteries, sensors and electronic circuits.
  • Flash instant alarms with sound and vibration alerts.
  • Automatic recording of more than 35 events and bump test results.
  • Compatible with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II.
  • BW Clip Gas detector at an affordable price, with low cost of ownership.

Configure BW Clip

  • Configure with high and low warning points after the device is activated.
  • Adjust alert scores and other indicators if necessary throughout life.
  • The option allows for non-normation directives, which flash red LED lights when bump test or even gas appears.
  • The screen option displays reading indicators during the alarm process.
  • Reminder bump test.
  • BW Clip Gas detectors can optionally display gas concentrations in real time.

BW Clip Specifications

Honeywell BW Clip Gas Meter Specifications
Honeywell BW Clip Gas Meter Specifications

See more information on the manufacturer’s website here

BW Clip Photos and Videos

Introducing Honeywell BW Clip SO2 Gas Meter

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