Drager Pac 3500 Single Gas detector, OPTIONAL CO/H2S/O2

Máy đo khí Drager-Pac-3500-H2S
Máy đo khí Drager-Pac-3500-H2S

The Drager Pac 3500 single gas detector can optionally measure one of the following gases:

  • Drager Pac 3500 measuring CO (Carbon Monoxide)
  • Drager Pac 3500 measuring H2S gas (Hydrogen sulfide)
  • Drager Pac 3500 O2 (Oxygen)

Compact and powerful

  • The Drager Pac 3500 is lightweight and compact, bringing great comfort to users. Stable, rotating crocodile clamps are allowed to clamp tightly and safely into clothes or belts. This device has a chemical-resistant, impact-resistant rubber wrap that meets the requirements of IP 68. Therefore, it is suitable for harsh working environments.

Large screen does not display language

  • The display does not display large languages that constantly display gas concentrations, and displays the corresponding units of measurement. The backlight ensures that these values are clearly read even in the dark.

Safe in any situation

  • The Drager Pac 3500 is equipped with a Drager XXS sensor. This sensor is firmly positioned in the device to be able to obtain gas from both the top and front of the device. Even if the gas port is accidentally obscured, it ensures continuous gas measurement.

Three alarms

  • With the Drager Pac 3500, no alarms are obscured: besides the clear polysynthing signal and visual alarm in the form of a 360-brightness LED, flashing at the top and bottom of the device, the device is also equipped with a vibration alarm.

Event Recorder

  • The Drager Pac 3500 can host up to 60 events, accompanied by days and times. The infrared interface allows to load data into the computer, for the purpose of in-depth analysis.

Functional testing and performance testing

  • The recommended functional checks, which must be carried out regularly with a certain gas concentration, to ensure that the device always works perfectly. Using the Drager Bump Test Station, these tests can be performed in just a few seconds.

Drager Sensor fast and powerful

  • The Drager XXS sensor has an extremely fast reaction time, so it is safer. These powerful sensors can also be used in harsh environmental conditions without detecting false alarms. XXS sensors also have a long use period, over four years including oxygen sensors.

Simple differences of devices

  • The Pac 3500 is equipped with standard keyboard protective foil. These cheeses have different colors that help users distinguish devices and therefore can measure gases easily and especially measured remotely. You can choose the color of the cheeses directly from your order.

PAC 3500 Specifications:

Service Life2 years
DisplayContinuous concentration and optional status display
AlarmsVibration, acoustical, optical, and display
DataloggingEvent logger – 60 events
Special FeaturesUser-selectable confidence light and beep option / IR interface
BatteryChangeable, lithium
Battery Life730 days at 8 hours a day, 390 days at 24 hours a day
Models AvailableCO, H2S, O2
I don’t seeInstrument: 2 years
Sensors: 2 years

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