GasAlertClip Extreme 2 Single Gas detector, optional H2S/O2/CO/SO2

Máy đo đơn khí GasAlertClip Extreme 2
Máy đo đơn khí GasAlertClip Extreme 2

The GasAlertClip Extreme 2 single gas detector continuously monitors and displays on the LCD screen including numbers and letters about the remaining time of the machine after correction, and gives a warning about the state of the machine, making a recommendation for self-correction time.

Popular Model of GasAlertClip Extreme 2 Single Gas detector

Option to measure 1 of the following gases:

  • GasAlertClip Extreme 2: H2S – Hydrogen Sulfide
  • GasAlertClip Extreme 2: O2 – Oxygen
  • GasAlertClip Extreme 2: CO – Carbon Monoxide
  • GasAlertClip Extreme 2: SO2 – Sulfur Dioxide

Introduction of GasAlertClip Extreme 2

Like many other widely used and popular non-maintenance Gas detectors in the world, the GasAlertClip Extreme 2 Single Gas detector also gives continuous and reliable protection. This single-gas detection machine has a 2-year or 3-year version without the need to correct, replace sensors and batteries or charge batteries. Compatible with BW’s MicroDock II auto-test system, the simplicity of GasAlertClip Extreme combines with the need for short time and insular cost to train, making GasAlertClip Extreme one of the most economical PPE solutions for factory workers and investors here.

The remaining time of the gas detector is displayed in months, days as well as hours. The self-check function will fully check the sensor, circuit and power supply as well as the function of the audio and image warning system. Storage data can be transmitted directly in infrared to an infrared wireless printer and printed instantly, or a personal computer by a wireless connector via a USB port.

The single Gas detector is set to 2 alarm points for triggering horns with a high output volume level of 95dB (standard), a clearly visible square LED and built-in vibration mode.

GasAlertClip Extreme 2 Gas detector Features

  • Sturdy design, high waterproof IP66/67 standard
  • Protection for 2 years does not cost maintenance
  • Built-in shockproof machine enclosure
  • Record and display points or indicators that cause alarms and time from contact
  • Record and issue a warning about the event that detects the gas and how long it has elapsed since the incident occurred
  • Sirens with a volume level of 95dB and led alarms can be clearly observed
  • This single-Gas detector integrates alarm vibration mode
  • Compact and compact size
  • Easy maintenance, no sensor or battery replacement, no correction, no time consuming
  • Two levels of alarm (high/low)
  • Fully test functions such as alarms, sensors, batteries and circuits
  • Continuous operation with 1 button to activate, test and transfer data
  • Full accessories with carrying bags, clamps to put on the belt and test cable
  • Local language support user guide
  • Allow clamping options to be worn on a hard belt or hat

GasAlertClip Extreme 2 Specifications

Size 1.1 x 2.0 x 3.2 in. / 2.8 x 5.0 x 8.1 cm
The weight 2.7 oz. / 76 g
Working temperature H2S: -40 to +122°F / -40 to +50°C CO: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C SO2: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C O2: -4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°C
humidity 5% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
Alarm type Visual, vibrating, audible (95dB) Low, High
Test function Full function self-test on activation and every 20 hours, and automatic battery test every 2 hours
Battery life Two years (H2S, CO, SO2 or O2) or three years (H2S or CO)
Sensor type Measuring range Low alarm level High alarm level
2 or 3 year detector      
H2S 0 -100 ppm 10 ppm 15 ppm
Co. 0 – 300 ppm 35 ppm (30pm UK/EU) 200 ppm
2 year detector only      
SO2 0 – 100 ppm 5 ppm 10 ppm
O2 0 – 30.0 % by vol. 19.5 % 23.5 %

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