GasAlertClip Extreme 3, Single Gas detector 3-Year Lifespan

Máy đo đơn khí GasAlertClip-Extreme-3
Máy đo khí GasAlertClip-Extreme-3

1 in 4 Gas Measurement Options for GasAlertClip Extreme 3 Single Gas detector: H2S, CO, SO2 or O2

As maintenance-free air meters are widely selected and used around the world, the GasAlertClip Extreme 3 Single Gas detector provides continuous and reliable protection. A 2 or 3-year version is available that this Gas detector does not require calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement, or battery charging replacement. Compatible with microDock II modul automatic system testing, the simplicity of the GasAlertClip Extreme portable Gas detector combined with low training and maintenance requirements costs, makes it one of the best PPE solutions for workplace workers and managers. GasAlertClip Extreme 3 provides 3 years of protection from hazards coming from H2S or CO, the water resistance of GasAlertClip Extreme 3 comes from a rubber sheath that is anti-vibration and is an idea for operating in flooded and high humidity environments.

Equipped with 2 levels of warning and one vibration inside, the machine has 4 instant warning features including intuitive LEDs, high volume sound. Large display numbers immediately provide annotations on gas alerts, test status, remaining time, and peak values when exposed. Although equipped with many features, it is very simple and lightweight that makes you very comfortable to carry it with you. It is possible to clamp it to your shirt, bag, belt, helmet. The device is always ready for use, the complete machine includes a rubber case that covers the entire anti-vibration machine, sensors, stainless steel crocodile snout clamps, shooting caps and operating instructions

GasAlertClip Extreme 3 Gas detector Features

  • GasAlertClip Extreme3 Gas Detector – 3-year free warranty does not have to replace sensors, batteries, non-calibration, no downtime.
  • Compact size
  • Automatically record the last 10 alarm events and can be downloaded through the COM port of your computer, printer or BW MicroDock II module
  • Integrated shock-resistant, impact-resistant leather sacks
  • Peak level alarm and elapsed time from contact
  • 95dB standard volume alarm (customized) and backlight, with clearly observable LED signaling
  • Built-in vibration alerts
  • Sturdy design and high water resistance according to IP66/67
  • Comprehensive self-check of sound warning functions, vibration mode images, sensor, battery and circuit integrity checks
  • 3-year warranty including sensor

Standard packing on delivery

  • A complete GasAlertClip Extreme3 Gas Detector includes: Sensor Certification, Stainless Steel Crocodile Snout Clamp and Anti-Vibration Rubber Case
  • Shooting caps and calibration tubes
  • Operating instructions
  • Manual CDs that support multiple languages

GasAlertClip Extreme3 Gas detector Specifications

Size1.1 x 2.0 x 3.2 in. / 2.8 x 5.0 x 8.1 cm
Weight2.7 oz. / 76 g
TemperatureH2S: -40 to +122°F / -40 to +50°C
CO: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
SO2: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
O2: -4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°C
Humidity5% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
Alarms– Visual, vibrating, audible (95dB)
– Low, High
TestsFull function self-test on activation and every 20 hours, and automatic battery test every 2 hours
Typical battery lifeTwo years (H2S, CO, SO2 or O2) or three years (H2S or CO)

GasAlertClip Extreme3 Sensor Specifications

Sensor type Measuring range Low alarm level High alarm level
2 or 3 year detector      
H2S 0 -100 ppm 10 ppm 15 ppm
Co. 0 – 300 ppm 35 ppm (30pm UK/EU) 200 ppm
2 year detector only      
SO2 0 – 100 ppm 5 ppm 10 ppm
O2 0 – 30.0 % by vol. 19.5 % 23.5 %

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