Calibration gas cylinder

Calibration gas cylinder (also known as standard gas cylinders or laboratory gas cylinders) are special industrial gases (single gas, mixed gas) which are compressed and stored in specialized cylinders used for calibration, Bump test gas detectors and fixed gas detectors. Theoretically, the recommended reference gas concentration reaches 50% of the sensing range. However, in fact, based on the measuring range, the type of gas (the level of toxicity), the popularity and important is the measurement characteristic of the sensor. The appropriate gas detector calibration will then be used. The container contains a variety of gases such as: CH4, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, NO, C4H8, NH3, Cl2 … with different volumes for each bottle specified by the manufacturer.

The Calibration gas cylinder are designed with aluminum shells, so they are light in weight. Gas cylinders usually have different sizes and volumes including models (2AL, 8AL, 10AL, 7HP ..).

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