Multi-gas detector

The multi-gas detector is a portable gas detector that can measure many gases at the same time and display the measured value directly on the screen of the machine. The machines have a sturdy, handy and portable design, so they are convenient to carry when working. With different needs, users can choose measurement methods (such as diffusion measurement, integrated suction pump, PID*). The detector detects from 2-7 gases depending on the configuration of the machine (in which the most popular are 4-gas detectors with models such as Altair 4XR, GasAlertMax XTII, ​​GasAlertMicroClipXL/X3..)

PID* : is a measurement method that uses photochemical ion energy to bombard compounds that form positive and negative ions so that the meter can measure it.

AnhVu gas detection is a distributor of multi-gas detector with high accuracy and reliability, safe for users. The multi-gas meters have the following outstanding features
• Has a slim and simple design, solid structure, clear display interface, user-friendly
• Simple operation, easy use, high stability and safety
• Clear audible and flashing alarms are easy to see so that users can know and leave the danger area (Area: toxic gas, explosion, lack of O2 concentration…) quickly.
• Operates in harsh environments and real-time awareness
• Some machines can connect to transmit information and data wirelessly via Wifi network, or connect via Bluetooth

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