Toxic gas detector

Toxic gas is a gas that is dangerous to human health. Therefore, monitoring the concentration of toxic gas in the environment to ensure safety for the health and life of workers is extremely important. Therefore, the toxic gas detector makes monitoring these gases easy and convenient, timely warning workers before and while entering work areas to avoid unnecessary harm to workers. for workers.

Depending on the manufacturer, gas detector can monitor toxic gases with different concentrations such as: NH3, CO, CO2, Cl2, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2, HCN…

toxic gas detectors manufacturers with gas measurement models

Honeywell: GasAlert Extreme, GasAlertClip Extreme, GasAlertClip Extreme 2, BW Solo, BW Clip…
Drager: Drager Pac 7000, 3500, 5500
RaeSystem: Toxirae II, Toxirae 3, Toxirae Pro
MSA: Altair Pro

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