VOCs gas detector

The VOCs gas detector is a “high-class” line of detectors and monitors with the latest models, using advanced monitoring and measuring methods using IR infrared and PID photochemical ionization methods. Therefore, the VOC models give measurement results with small errors and high accuracy (up to parts per million ppm even up to parts per billion ppb).

VOC gas detector have the following salient features:

Design, structure

  • Easy to install and use
  • Rugged, lightweight, portable design
  • Advanced sensor IR, PID
  • High-strength IP protective case, made of materials resistant to thermal shock, physical impacts
  • Easy to replace and clean the sensors (Some models can clean the sensor automatically)
  • The display is detailed, easy to read and understand with screen types such as LCD, liquid crystal display

Features of VOCs gas detector

  • Wide measuring range, long measuring and detecting distance (100 ft)
  • Measure many gases that other instruments cannot measure such as volatile organic compounds and other gases through Correction Factor
  • Fast response time (3 – 5s)
  • Real-time wireless connection possible with built-in Bluetooth

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