Altair Pro

MSA Altair Pro toxic gas detector, truly compact and premium, made in the USA. Referring to the single gas meter line on the market today, it is impossible not to mention the gas detector of MSA, USA – producing effective and quality personal safety protection devices. Applied in industries: mining, metallurgy, construction, industrial parks ….

The Altair Pro gas detector has a compact, sturdy design, simple and intuitive operation with distinct features such as:

  • Control operation with just one button
    Displayed on a clear LCD screen, in addition to the backlit display for optimal viewing of measurement results
  • The case is certified for IP 67 dust and water protection, and moreover, it is resistant to physical impacts, strong impacts.
  • The device has many different models according to user requirements (CO single gas meter, H2S gas detector, O2 concentration meter, NH3 gas meter, Cl2 toxic gas meter, ClO2 toxic gas detector, NO2 toxic gas detector, SO2 toxic gas detector, HCN concentration meter, PH3 toxic gas meter.
  • Various alarms: LED flashing, audible alarm, vibration alarm
  • Alarm points can be adjusted for Low, High, TWA, STEL.
  • The machine can store information, data, events for a certain period of time.

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