BW Solo

Honeywell BW Solo single gas detector, optional H2S, CO, O2, H2, SO2, NH3, Cl2, NO2, HCN… which BW Honeywell has manufactured and marketed. With a square design, cut corners to reduce roughness and edges while increasing strength and certainty, creating perfect contours around, bringing a new and modern shape to the device. Honeywell BW Solo.

Although the machine has such a compact and trendy shape, it still has full functions displayed by a high-resolution LCD screen, displaying the measured gas value clearly and accurately; in addition, the function of alarm by LED, sound, and vibration alarm increases safety for users, helping them to handle and provide effective solutions to gas hazards while working, ensure the safety of their health as well as their lives, optimize work efficiency

Honeywell BW Solo gas detector is a single gas meter, so there are many gas models depending on the needs of specific users such as: Single gas model H2S, CO, O2, H2, SO2, NH3, Cl2, NO2, HCN …

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