BW Ultra

Gas detector 5 indicators (5 gases), integrated suction pump, Model Honeywell BW Ultra.

Safety is always a top priority for Honeywell. That’s why with the Honeywell BW Ultra series – the latest portable 5 gas detector from BW Honeywell always ensures safety in the workplace, it is specially designed for sampling and monitoring of confined spaces, before and after entering the workplace. One special thing that sets the Honeywell BW Ultra apart from other 5-gas detectors on the market today is that it simultaneously detects 4 basic gases + plus a fifth sensor for the gas of your choice. This way you can add a fifth level of protection to your safety when working in confined spaces. In addition, the machine is also designed with a hand-friendly design, the shape is thinner and lighter than other 5-gas detectors to help reduce fatigue when holding the machine, thereby increasing productivity and working efficiency.

Outstanding features of the BW Ultra . gas detector

  • Large, high-resolution LCD screen – clear display
  • Simple interface (with just one button), friendly, easy to use
  • State-of-the-art 1-Series sensor technology – fast response, accuracy, reliability, long sensor life even in harsh working environments
  • Bluetooth wireless connection, efficient and automatic data storage and management
  • Diverse applications in many industries – mining, petroleum, metallurgy, paper production, food ….

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