Calgaz 2AL

For nearly 40 years, the Calgaz brand has been synonymous with unsurpassed quality, reliability and service. Calgaz is an industry leader because customers have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their calibration gas products. Calgaz have a partnership with customers to understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Calgaz has three types of 2AL aluminum gas cylinders designed for your needs. 2ALE and 2ALU are approved for use globally and differ only slightly in size, appearance, and weight. 2ALR is a refillable version, offered only in the United States (USA).

Calgaz standard gas cylinder, Model 2AL, 34L capacity compressed air at 500 psig/35.5 bar. Standard gases: CO, C5H12, CH4, Cl2, I-C4H8, H2S, I-C4H10, O2

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