Calgaz 715

Valve (or flow regulator) model 715 is manufactured by the famous American company Calgaz. The 715 flow control valve is used to regulate the exhaust gas pressure when performing BumpTest or calibrating gas detectors/gas detectors periodically. The valve is designed with a fixed output flow to suit all user needs (there are two main flow levels: 0.25 LPM and 0.5 LPM) depending on the type of gas detector that the customer uses.

Valve calgaz 715 is manufactured by stainless steel 316 and copper with extremely high durability, anti-rust due to factors affecting specific environments such as industry, oil and gas, mining… In addition, the control valve Adjusting the gas flow with a pressure display of 0-1000 psig/70bar allows users to know the actual amount of gas in the gas bottles easily. They are used for gas cylinders such as: Calgaz 34 (2AL), Calgaz 58 (8AL), Calgaz 105s and Calgaz 116…

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