For nearly 40 years, the Calgaz brand has been synonymous with unsurpassed quality, reliability and service. Calgaz is an industry leader because customers have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their calibration gas products. They have a partnership with customers to understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Calgaz USA standard gas mixture for gas detector testing and calibration. It’s contain standard gas concentrations, used to calibrate gas measuring devices such as: portable gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, flue gas meters, gas monitoring stations or industrial systems.

Calgaz gas cylinders have a variety of 1AL cylinders; 2AL; 7HP; 6DM; 8AL; 6D; 10AL; 5ELR; 65ALR, holds from 11 to 850L of standard gas. To choose gas cylinders, people are based on the following criteria: Concentration of each type of gas, required volume of gas, reactive or non-reactive gas, corrosive or not, then they will choose suitable cylinders. suitable for type, capacity and pressure.

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