GasAlertClip Extreme 3

Single Gas detector, BW GasAlertClip Extreme 3. As the world’s most widely used and chosen maintenance-free single gas meter, this single gas detector offers continuous and reliable protection trust.

Available in 2 or 3 year versions this gas meter requires no calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery replacement. Compatible with the MicroDock II module for automated system testing, the simplicity of the GasAlertClip Extreme gas detector combined with the low cost of training and maintenance requirements, make it one of the best PPE solutions. for people, workers in the workplace and managers.

GasAlertClip Extreme 3 provides 3 years of protection from H2S or CO hazards, it’s water resistance comes from a vibration-resistant rubber housing and is ideal for operating in flooded environments. and high humidity.

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