In 1959, Joshua Seiger founded the company that later became Honeywell Analytics. Originally, the company started as a manufacturer of gas detectors for the shipbuilding industry. Next, the company was commissioned by Shell to develop a complete gas detection system for its operation in Gibratar. In 1980, the company entered the flammable gas market when it was acquired by Zellweger Analytics. Over 20 years, the company continues to buy new firms, thereby expanding the supply market. Under Zellweger Analytics, the company created the first carbon monoxide detector. In 2005, Zellweger Analytics was acquired by a well-known company called Honeywell Internatinal, Inc. That is a brief history of  Gas detector Honeywell Analytics.

Honeywell Analytics Products (Including BW Honeywell and RAE systems)

Honeywell Analytics offers a complete range of industrial safety equipment. Their safety solutions offer are suitable for a wide range of job types, both large and small such as:

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