MiniRAE Lite

The TVOC Honeywell RAE systems MiniRAE Lite PGM-7300, simple version, is used to reliably measure the synthesis of volatile organic compounds in the field of gas leak detection, sanitation, and hygiene. and environmental treatment.

RAE systems equipped with optical ionization sensor technology, the detector can measure in the range of 0~5,000ppm, has a built-in flashlight and is protected by a rugged housing specifically designed for indoor use. the harshest environments.

Honeywell RAE systems MiniRAE Lite PGM-7300 is truly a perfect device for use in a wide range of applications, and has been approved by the North American market. Equipped with a sample suction pump with suction capacity up to 100 ft, the response time to measurement results is 3 seconds, the machine achieves the ability to detect all types of leaks before the gas can cause hazards. .

The device is installed in many different languages, is equipped with a large screen, large keys and can be used with 3-layer gloves.

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