Motion SCOUT

The MSA motionSCOUT motion detector, motion alarm is the next generation of standalone personal safety alarm system. Detects abnormal body stoppage and triggers automatic alarm. For added safety, alarms can also be activated manually. Motion SCOUT is extremely easy to use, with a very sensitive electronic motion sensor that recognizes all normal body activities, increasing the ability to accurately recognize body abnormalities and give timely alarms to ensure safety for users. This device is extremely durable, maintenance-free and therefore cost-effective.

Features of Motion SCOUT device:

Compact, robust, waterproof personal alarm device (protection class IP67).

Simple operation with 2 buttons: Small push button: turn on the device, big push button: activate the alarm manually.

Special alarm system: 95db audible alarm at a distance of 3m with a duration of about 10 hours continuously, in addition to the super bright LED alarm for clear visibility.
There are different versions, monitoring the user’s activities through the function lock to help find the injured or in danger faster and more efficiently.

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