PGM-1100 Series

The Honeywell RAE systems ToxiRAE II PGM-1100 Series single gas detector can optionally measure the following gases: H2S, CO, O2, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, HCN, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2

The Honeywell RAE systems ToxiRAE II PGM-1100 Series is a full-featured, single-gas detector that is small and compact enough to be wear on a belt or uniform, providing protection for individuals in a variety of environments. together.

The ToxiRAE II toxic gas detector continuously monitors the gas concentration in the mean (STEL) mode, full time 8 hours (TWA), and displays the peak value of toxic gases supporting more than 10 different gases, or the user can choose to measure the standard concentration of oxygen gas. With an intuitive one-button interface for alarm settings that can be changed for different requirements, the device is easy to use and maintain. And with 3 warning levels, the ToxiRAE II is guaranteed that the signal will not be lost.

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