Honeywell RAE systems ToxiRAE Pro PGM-1860 single gas detector, optional sensor (H2S , CO, SO2, NO, Cl2, HCN, NH3, PH3, ClO2, CO, HR, O2, CO comp H2, CH3-SH , EtO-A , EtO-B, EtO-C, HR, H2, H2S, HR, HCHO, O2)

Features of Honeywell RAE systems ToxiRAE Pro PGM-1860. gas detector

  • Separate wireless monitor for toxic gas and oxygen gas
  • Swap different sensors for different gases including H2S, CO, NH3, Cl, HCN, N2O, P……..and many more
  • Sensors save calibration data even when replacing sensors
  • Local and remote wireless alerts in 5 ways
  • Big screen
  • Dust, water, and shock resistant
  • Compatible with AutoRae2
  • Fully automatic bump test and calibration
  • Built-in low level alarm
  • The best sensor that can be shared with the  MultiRae

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