PGM-2400 / PGM-2400P

The Honeywell RAE systems Qrae II PGM-2400 / PGM-2400P Multi-Gas Detector (diffusion and sample pump) is a multi-function, multi-gas detector, including: LEL/O2/CO/H2S

Honeywell RAE systems Qrae II PGM-2400 / PGM-2400P is a multi-function portable gas detector, compact design, used to measure and detect 4 types of gas in the same machine, integrated sampling pump gas. The Raesystem QRAE II Pump is designed for continuous measurement and monitoring of oxygen, H2S, CO and combustible gases in hazardous areas. Optional AutoRAE Lite kit for quick automatic calibration QRAE II, data download and charging…

Features of QRae II gas detector

  • Patented unique SPE O2™ Oxygen sensor:
  • RoHS: Leading design in line with environmental standards
  • Long life and low cost compared to electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • EMI/RFI . anti-interference technology
  • Easy access to pump, sensor, filter and battery compartment without removing potentially damaging electronics
  • Protection class IP-65, waterproof, dustproof
  • Rugged, strong shockproof design

(*) This model has been discontinued since 2017, please choose alternative models such as GasAlertMicroClip X3 (without pump) or GasAlertMax XT II (with pump)

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