The PGM-7340 ppbRAE 3000, dedicated VOC gas detector is a best-in-class monitoring device, trusted by the world’s leading leaders in the CBRNE (biochemical weapons) fields. , first aid rescue, civil protection, oil and gas and other hazardous environments.

Utilizing a 3rd gen photoioniztion (PID) detector and built-in correction factor for over 200 substances, the PGM-7340 ppbRAE 3000, dedicated VOCs gas detector is the ultimate choice for measuring substances VOC gas with units of measurement up to parts per billion (ppb). The detector detects VOCs in the range of 1 to 10000ppb, with a measurement time of 3 seconds.

Bluetooth data transmission for up to 2 miles with 1 RAE wireless router (RAELink3 Wireless) lets us identify incidents and respond to them faster. The machine has a sturdy cover, a large screen and a large joystick that can be operated with 3 layers of gloves, all of which make the machine easy to use and manipulate.

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