RAE systems by Honeywell

RAE systems by Honeywell USA handheld gas detector was founded in 1991 by Robert I. Chen and Peter His to bring sensor technologies for monitoring hazardous chemicals into the field of environment and industrial safety, energy, Hazmat, quick response rescue and government applications.

As of 2013, the company’s RAE Systems Gas detector are used in 120 countries by industry organisations, government agencies and government agencies. In April 2013, the company was acquired by Honeywell and became RAE systems by Honeywell.

Model RAE systems main gas detector:

Dedicated VOC detector series: ppbRAE 3000, MiniRAE 3000 or MiniRAE Lite VOC detector

  • Multi-gas detector series: MultiRAE Lite, MultiRAE Pro, MultiRAE Benzene
  • Series of 4 basic gas detectors: Qrae II, Qrae 3, MicroRAE gas detector
  • Single gas detector series: ToxiRAE II, ToxiRAE 3, ToxiRAE Pro…

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