Riken Keiki

Riken Keiki is a global leader in gas detection and sensing technology. Riken has over 150,000 detection points worldwide in the semiconductor industry alone. RKI is the exclusive supplier of Riken products in North America.

Riken’s gas detector are applied in almost all industrial fields related to gas detection and detection such as: Marine, Oil and Gas, Fire Prevention and Fighting, Environment, Mining, Water Treatment, industries. commodity production, industrial zones (factories, warehouses, workshops…) and other industries.

Types of  Riken Keiki gas detector

  • Explosive gas: i-C4H10 (Iso-Butane), C3H8 (Propane)…etc, H2 (Hydrogen), CH4 (Methane), Alcohol (C2H6O, CH4O…etc), Solvent (C7H8, C8H10.. .etc), Calorific Value
  • Toxic gases: NH3 (Ammonia), AsH3 (Arsine), CO (Carbon Monoxide), Cl2 (Chlorine), B2H6 (Diborane), F2 (Fluorine), HCHO (Formaldehyde), HCl (Hydrogen Chloride), HF (Hydrogen Fluoride) , H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), NO (Nitric Oxide), PH3 (Phosphine), SiH4 (Silane), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • Oxygen gas: O2

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