Gas detector, fixed-mounted gas detector, explosion-proof model TGas-1031 is a fixed-mounted online gas detector, TGas-1031 uses a high-performance sensor that can continuously measure gas concentrations in place and convert gas concentration signal to digital or analog output (4-20mA analog signal, RS485 communication signal and transmit alarm signal to remote control system or display device).

It is widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas, coal, metallurgy, electricity, telecommunications, road and bridge construction, gas storage, special plants and other places with flammable or toxic gas.

Main features of TGas-1031

There are 2 power supply modes: centralized power supply mode or independent power supply mode
Gas concentration alarm and real-time gas monitoring
Anti-poisonous and highly sensitive gas sensor
The detector changes the sensor curve and keeps the alarm and sensitivity parameters
The detector automatically recognizes the sensor’s error and the concentration parameter exceeds the sensor’s standard (over the sensing range).
Auto-detect function at startup and it has advanced function of fault self-diagnosis and self-correction
Calibration concentration value can be changed, user can change this parameter by themselves.

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