Calibration gas cylinder VOC 7HP 100PPM ISOBUTYLENE I-C4H8 A0197448


Component: Cylinder gas 100PPM Isobutylene I-C4H8, Balance AIR (34 L) Standard Type standard: (steel shell)
Line of cylinder: Standard Gas Cylinder, Calgaz Standard Type
Model : 7HP
Shell structure: Steel
consistent with regulator: Model 715, DFR 2000 Series, 4000 Series “Trigger”
SDS#: 50054
Order code PN: A0197448
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  • Isobutylene gas is often used as a common reference for the calibration of TVOC gas detectors. There are 2 common levels of 10ppm and 100ppm I-C4H8. Different models of gas cylinder such as 7HP, 2AL, 8AL, 10AL or 6D differ only in gas capacity.
  • Calibration of ppbRAE 3000 gas detector using 10ppm Isobutylene
  • Calibration of MiniRAE 3000 gas detector using 100ppm Isobutylene
  • Calibration of MiniRAE Lite gas detector using gas concentration 100ppm Isobutylene
  • Other  volatile organic compounds (VOC) gas detectors should see the manufacturer’s recommendations and range.


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