Gas detector H2S, BW Clip, BWC3-H


  • PN: BWC3-H; Gas type: H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide); Measurement range: 0-100 ppm; Default alarm point: Low alarm: 10 ppm + High alarm: 15 ppm; Sensor life: 3 năm
  • PN/ Product name + Gas type/ Alarm .. / Measurement range BWC3-H-B BWCLIP 3 year H2S 10-15, black 10ppm 15ppm 1.6ppm 20ppm 0-100ppm
  • BWC3-H510 BWCLIP 3 year H2S 5-10 5ppm 10ppm 1.6ppm 20ppm 0-100ppm
  • BWC3-H27 BWCLIP 3 year H2S 2-7 2ppm 7ppm 1.6ppm 20ppm 0-100ppm
  • Include: Detector, Use manual, Calibration cap and hose
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