GasAlert Quattro QT-XWHM-R-Y-OE, 4 gas detector BW Honeywell


The BW Honeywell GasAlert Quattro 4-Gas Detector QT-XWHM-R-Y-OE is a highly configurable Model for 4-gas measurement. Wide screen, software with many intelligent functions. The sensor has high sensitivity, heat resistance, cold resistance, good dry resistance.

P/N: QT-XWHM-R-Y-OE (Rechargeable battery, 220VAC power). Note that the item code QT-XWHM-A-Y-OE is a type that uses alkaline batteries that cannot be charging

  • Gas type: CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), O2 (Oxygen), LEL
  • Combustible (LEL) 0 to 100% LEL 0 to 5% vol 1% LEL 0.1% vol
  • Carbon Monoxide ( CO) 0 to 1000 ppm 1 ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide ( H2S) 0 to 200 ppm 0.1 ppm
  • Oxygen (O2) 0 to 30.0% 0.1% Vol

Include: The detector, Charger (220VAC power),  sample calibration cap and hose, Use manual, Disassembly tool kits

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