Standard calibration gas 7HP Nitrogen UHP N2 A0443922


Some gases are always present in the atmosphere more or less with unstable concentrations in each area. Therefore, it is not possible to Zero the gas dettector by air in the atmosphere, but it must be Zero by N2 gas.  For example: calibration of a CO2 gas detector, there is always CO2 in the air, however, the concentration isn’t fixed in different regions.  Typically, when calibrating a gas detector GasAlertMicro 5 measuring CO2, we must Zero it with a gas cylinder N2.

Compositon gas: NITROGEN UHP (34 L) Standard ( steel shell)
Cylinder of line:  Calgaz standard gas cylinder
Model: 7HP
cylinder structure : Steel
In conformity with regulators: Model 713, DFR 2007 Series
SDS#: 50003
Order code PN: A0443922
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