Standard gas cylinder Calgaz 2AL H2S/CO/CH4/O2 A0180398


Gas component: 40PPM H2S 100PPM CO 2.5% CH4 15% O2, Balance N2 (34 L), Standard
Product line: Calgaz standard gas cylinder
Model cylinder: 2AL
Cylinder material:  Aluminum
Suitable regulator: Model 715, DFR 2000 Series, 4000 Series “Trigger”
SDS#: 50020
Order code (PN): A0180398
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  • Gas composition: Methane, Oxy, Cacbon monoxit, Hydro sulfua often used to calibrate 4- gas detectors basic . Theoretically, the recommended reference gas concentration reaches 50% of the sensing range. However, in fact, based on the measuring range, the type of gas (the level of toxicity), the popularity and important is the measurement characteristic of the sensor. Then, each manufacturer recommends what concentration to use to calibrate their gas detectors. The type of 4-component gas mixture cylinder commonly used to calibrate the following gas detectors:
  • Calibrate the QRae II gas detector
  • Calibrate the Max XT II gas detector
  • Calibrate the GasAlertMicroClip gas detector
  • Calibrate the Crowcon T4, Tetra 3 gas detector
  • Calibrate the X-am 2500 gas detector
  • Calibrate the Ventis MX4 gas detector
  • And Calibrate the Altair 4X gas detector


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