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Vapour emission system is intended for analyzing the waste vapour gas for oxygen gas content.

The system also includes the pressure transmitter which can monitor the pressure on the waste vapour line.

This system consist of two cabinet; a detector cabinet in which the pressure transmitter, oxygen sensor, flow alarm sensor, sample selector valve and purge valve are included, and the monitoring & alarm panel on which the alarm unit, oxygen indicator are provided.

The detector panel in steel is installed on deck nearby the vapour manifolds and the monitoring & alarm panel is mounted in the cargo control room.


Operating principle:

The sample tubes in the detector cabinet run from the sample point inlets to oxygen sampling selector valve and mode selector valve.

Exiting from this single tube is leading the chosen sample gas through filter between oxygen sampling selector valve and mode selector valve, and then finally passes the the oxygen sensor, exhausted through the exhausting line on the cabit panel.

The display shows the O2 concentration from 0.0 to 25.0V% O2 on the oxygen monitor and the "High oxygen content alarm" is activated at 8V% O2.

The "Flow failure" is also operated when the flow is stopped. The display shows the pressure transmitted from waste vapour line on the vapour pressure indicator from 0 to 200 mbar.

The "Low pressure alarm" is also activated at 10 mbar and the "High pressure alarm”; at 120mbar.

It is possible to increase or decrease the pressure alarm value freely and the external alarm output relay for all alarm can be provided as optional items.



  • Intrinsically safe detecting is applicable to all of in flammable fluids
  • All stainless steel material pressure sensors
  • Individual adjustable alarm for oxygen and pressure
  • Most advanced electronic technology for high reliability and durability.
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