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Long-Range Fire Simulators

The Spectrex Long-Range Flame Simulator allows testing of optical flame detectors in areas where real fires cannot be ignited. Testing is also mandatory in some industries to "proof test" flame detector operation and to satisfy statutory requirements.

Testing optical flame detectors after they have been installed can be a difficult task with the associated cost and time, often requiring special ladders/scaffolding to reach the detectors, which are generally located near the ceiling or in a high position.

The Long-Range Fire Simulators are handheld devices specifically designed for use with the various SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors to test their response to fire from a distance up to 30 ft (9 m), without the need of actually igniting a fire in front of the detector or the need to reach the detector itself (no physical contact).


Please see the "Simulator" datasheet for more information

  • PN 20/20-310 for IR3 flame detector
  • PN 20/20- 311 for UV and UV-IR flame detector
  • PN 20/20- 312 for Single IR flame detector
  • PN 20/20- 313 for Hydrogen flame detector   


  • Specifically designed for use with various SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors.
  • Beam collimator attachment for extended range applications (optional).
  • NiCd batteries use as a rechargeable power source for max of 50 uses.
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