Bình khí mẫu hiệu chuẩn 6D Cylinder
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Bình khí mẫu hiệu chuẩn 6D Cylinder

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6D Cylinder Specifications



Service pressure



Refer photo above

6D Cylinder

103 liters

1000 psig/69 bar

14" x 3.25"
356 mm x 83 mm


Primary Uses

LEL mixtures, instrument zero gases (air and nitrogen), oxygen deficiency mixtures, and other non-reactive mixtures.

Equipment Required

Model 715 regulator or DFR 2000 regulator or trigger. 
Connection is 5/8" x 18 thread.

Product Variation

Modified 6D cylinder, 6DM is available for flammable gases. Contents 58 liters at 1000 psig.

Mixture Tolerances

All minor components are certified to ± 2%


Most gas mixtures are warranted for 36 months.

The 2AL, 8AL and 6D cylinders, with patented “one fill” valve meet European Standards EN 12205 requiring that all non-refillable cylinders be fitted with a one way valve to prevent refilling.

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