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4200 Series “Trigger” Regulator

The 4200 series regulator, also known as the “Trigger” is designed to provide aerosol capability. The "Trigger" can be used with the 2AL, 8AL, and 6D cylinders.

Pressing the trigger activates the regulator and dispenses gas at a preset flow rate specified by the user. The trigger can also be locked in the “on” position for continuous gas flow.


DFR 2000 Regulator

The patented two stage DFR 2000 series regulator is designed for use with instruments that utilize a pump to draw the calibration gas. The regulator provides the exact amount of gas the instrument pump requires. This simple-to-use regulator makes calibration quick and easy by eliminating the need for sample bags, flow meters, or special operator training.


1000 Series Regulator

Combination piston first stage and stainless steel diaphragm second stage offer a high degree of accuracy and control without adjusting the delivery pressure as the supply pressure decreases. Designed for use with low ppm corrosive gases and gas mixtures where high purity, low flow rates, and stable delivery pressure must be maintained.


1700 Series Regulator

These compact single stage stainless steel diaphragm regulators are designed for use with the 2AL, 8AL and 6D cylinders. They can provide either an adjustable flow or pressure output. Typically used with low ppm reactive gases and other high purity gas mixtures. They are preset at our production facility to a user specified flow or pressure. The 1700 regulators are designed for high purity, low flow rates, and adjustable delivery pressure as required.


700 Series Regulator

These regulators are a single stage design used for the 2AL, 8AL, 6D, 7EOC, 7HP and 5E cylinders. The 700 series regulators are preset to deliver gas at a flow rate specified by the user. The 700 series regulator may be divided into three groups.

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